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 15 years of trustworthy guidance in the continuously evolving universe of IT solutions 

Technology leaders often face challenges like transforming outdated  systems and struggling to get reliable vendor support. LAM will help you update and manage your IT ecosystem while also saving you time and ensuring you're getting the most for your money. 

Who We Are

The LAM family is comprised almost entirely of “supplier refugees.” Meaning, most of our team spent years working for major technology service providers.


We learned the products and processes, but we generally felt like there had to be a better way to serve and support our clients.

Now we serve our clients by helping them select and manage the fabric of their IT services by using our well-honed process and vendor-neutral approach.

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Our Core Values

Servant's Heart

Service is a privilege

Client Driven Focus

Your needs come first

Predictable Performance

You can count on us

Family Spirit

We take care of each other

Begin in gratitude

We count our blessings and prioritize “gains” over “gaps”​

Healthy things grow

As we take care of our people and our clients, our future will take care of itself

Business is personal

We get to help our clients both professionally and personally


Time is precious

Rather than trying to learn “How,” it’s better to find a “Who” and get out of their way.​

Trust is paramount

Partners must provide unquestionable character & dependable execution. ​

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