LAM Technology is a premier provider of technology solutions. We deliver strategies to navigate through the confusing world of telecom, free up your time and resources, while providing an outstanding customer service experience to you.

Why Choose LAM Technology?

We grew up in this industry.  We worked for carriers and service providers that were great at making promises and terrible at keeping them.  After the contract is signed the sales rep is gone. The bill doesn’t reflect what the quote said. The contracts can’t be found. The support team won’t return calls or emails, and you’re on your own to get issues resolved.  So either you or one of your team members gets to rearrange your day so you can spend all day chasing down someone (anyone) for help.

We believe that managing technology services and vendors does not have to be the worst part of an IT leader’s world. Technology should be leveraged as a set of tools to enable your business to innovate and evolve. Technology should deliver added value to employees and customers and to the company itself.  However, when week after week is spent putting out fires or being pressured to reduce expenses it can often be difficult or nearly impossible to realize the full potential of that awesome strategic plan you drafted when you first took the job. Let LAM handle the “tactical distractions” so you can stay focused on the most important priorities.