What do you get when you become a client of LAM Technology?

    • TIME:  We do work you don’t have time to do.  Whether its fighting incorrect bills (billing@lamtechnology.com link), or expediting rapairs (escalations@lamtechnology.com link) or just handling details for you (support@lamtechnology.com link) we have teams of people to assist with almost any sort of technology-related issue.
    • OPTIONS:  We do the work you don’t want to do.   Whether its collecting and summarizing your entire inventory of services  (Billing Breakthrough™ ) or assessing your obligations ( Contract Clarifier™ ) or collecting quotes ( RFP Vendor Validation™ ) or cleaning up on the back-end ( Dedicated Disconnect™ ) we have extensive history dealing with the smelly underbelly of telecom and data services.
    • CONFIDENCE:  In a world of uncertainty, we’ve got your back.  The average CIO tenure in the US is now less than 2 years…and some of the leading service providers of just a few years ago don’t even exist anymore. On top of that, some of the leading providers of today and tomorrow may not be known to you yet.  The only way to truly know you’re making the best decision, is to study the market all day every day…..like we do.

Here are just a few examples of ways that LAM has delivered positive impact to clients:

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