Woman in Suit

Jill, Certified EOS Implementer

Sometimes it's painful for leaders to really follow through on the high standards of ethics they place on themselves, but for LAM, living their core value of Family Spirit is not painful, it is celebrated and lived everyday. 

Smiling Man

Shane, VP Sales Cybersecurity Services Supplier

LAM's integrity was on display from the first conversation I had with them. Their relationships run deep and are highly valued by their clients. This level of execution and professionalism is uniform across the entire company. We are more than grateful for our partnership with LAM.

Woman in Grey Suit

VP of IT, Major Texas-based Bank

Working with LAM has been like having a trusted friend on the inside, acting
as a personal customer advocate to bring timely and substantive results in an upbeat, friendly
and professional manner.

Businessman with Glasses

CIO, Roadside Services Provider

LAM’s expertise enabled me to take on several projects at once and get them all done
in less time and at lower cost than I had envisioned.  

Woman's Portrait

Chief of Admin, Large Insurance Brokerage

Having LAM working alongside our team to escalate repairs and resolve invoice disputes
has been invaluable to our time and our expenses.

Happy Businessman

CIO, National Behavioral Healthcare Company

LAM will go the extra mile and dedicate resources to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.

Casual Meeting

CIO, Nationwide Automotive Service Company

LAM Technology has proven to be a valued partner and strategic enabler as (our company) executes on a highly aggressive growth strategy.

In a Meeting

CIO, Major North American Electronic Components Distributor

While making a wholesale changeover of your network can be a risky proposition, it has been one of the best technology decisions we could have made, and LAM was instrumental in making this happen for us.